Future-proof Roadmap: Plot your course for future success 

Is your team ready to pivot from reacting to changes to proactively anticipating and driving them? This workshop equips you with the tools and insights to create a sustainable, future-proof strategy. 

What is the Future-proof Roadmap Workshop? 

This workshop combines insights from the latest market and trend analysis with hands-on coaching, guided exercises and mediated knowledge exchange. Together, we develop or optimize your team’s strategy and empower you to face the future with greater confidence and preparedness. 

Who is the Future-proof Roadmap Workshop for? 

This workshop is designed for individual teams and executive boards. 

How does the Future-proof Roadmap Workshop work? 

Following an initial briefing/debriefing, I will prepare a customized workshop or series of sessions based on your specific needs. The sessions can be held in person or remotely, according to your preferences. I will document the results of the workshop in a report that will continue to serve you and your team as a reference. 

Why the Future-proof Roadmap Workshop? 

Preparing for the future is vital to any organization’s success. It’s even more crucial in our rapidly changing world. This workshop gives you and your colleagues everything you need to plot a resilient course forward. 

Tip: For an all-around amazing experience… 

To spark your team’s imagination before or during the workshop, consider combining it with my Big Picture Keynote or Industry Update Keynote. These give you a bold perspective on current developments and inspire you to imagine how future scenarios will impact your organization or sector. 


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