Embrace change through conversations that matter.


With over two decades of experience hosting and moderating workshops both inside and outside the boardroom, I bring an abundance of methodology and practical insight to your team. Together, we create a productive environment for exchanging ideas, starting powerful conversations and choosing a smarter path forward.

Enabling change, one open mind at a time

Every team has what it takes to rise to future challenges. The key is to gather around the table and collaborate in an atmosphere of openness, creativity and radical honesty.

My workshops use a mix of coaching, communication and problem-solving techniques to help your team unlock its collective potential.


Live Your Values: Discover the radical power of authenticity

Discover or reconnect with your organization’s compelling purpose and take actions that align with your values.


Future-proof Roadmap: Plot your course for future success

Gear up for the changes that lie ahead with a future-focused strategy session where your imagination is the limit.


Problem-solving Masterclass: Tailored solutions for your challenges

Tackle a real-life strategic challenge with expert coaching, guidance and sparring – plus lots of fun and inspiration.


Since 2009, stay amazed every day is helping organizations achieve better outcomes through proactive strategies that align with their values.
We help you engage with the changes going on all around you, so you can take an active role in shaping what comes next.


stay amazed every day
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