what comes next.

Embracing the future, one amazing day at a time.

Your market is constantly evolving. New technologies like AI are redefining how we work and live. The race for sustainability is rewriting the rules of the business world… Does your organization have a plan for staying ahead of the changes and shaping what comes next? 


I’m Krispijn Plettenberg. After working in the corporate and finance world for over 25 years, I founded stay amazed every day in 2009 to help organizations in all industries to face the future with confidence, vision and amazement. My experience has taught me that curiosity is the key to success. 

Krispijn stay amazed every day

My keynotes and workshops help you and your team to see your organization’s activities from new perspectives, to consider questions you may have overlooked and to create a creative environment for aligning with your values and exploring new strategic possibilities. 

I’ve got my eye on the future, and it looks amazing. I want to share my excitement with you and your colleagues – to inspire you to move beyond your comfort zone and into a mindset of innovation and continual change. In short, I want to help you stay amazed every day


The changes revolutionizing our society – in technology, communications, medicine, culture and sustainability, just to name a few areas – are amazing. My keynotes offer an engaging, inspiring and informative take on the latest trends and topics affecting your organization, your market and our society as a whole. 


To stay ahead in today’s markets, you’ve got to embrace a mentality of continual change. My interactive workshops coach and inspire you and your team to explore new approaches, connect the dots, identify obstacles and overcome what’s holding you back. Together, we’ll foster a culture of innovation and change. 


Since 2009, stay amazed every day is helping organizations achieve better outcomes through proactive strategies that align with their values.
We help you engage with the changes going on all around you, so you can take an active role in shaping what comes next.


stay amazed every day
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