Live Your Values: Discover the radical power of authenticity

Your values define your purpose and mission as an organization – and they never lie. By aligning with your true values, you create a deeper sense of meaning both inside your organization and to the world around you. This executive-level workshop is the perfect place to start.

What is the Live Your Values Workshop?

Through coaching, thought-provoking questioning and guided exercises, I help your executive team identify what your organization stands for and how to integrate your authentic identity into your everyday operations.

Who is the Live Your Values Workshop for?

This workshop is designed for executive/C-level decision-makers.

How does the Live Your Values Workshop work?

Following an initial briefing/debriefing, I will prepare a customized workshop or series of sessions based on your specific needs. The sessions can be held in person or remotely, according to your preferences. I will document the results of the workshop in a report that will continue to serve you and your team as a reference.

Why the Live Your Values Workshop?

Sincerely held values provide both stability and agility during times of change. Your values define the direction and purpose that guide your organization into the future. This workshop helps you discover new possibilities for living by your values as board members and role models for your teams.

Tip: For an all-around amazing experience… 

Consider combining your values workshop with a Single-Topic Deep Dive Keynote, my tailor-made talk on the topic of your choice. It’s the perfect way to present your clearly defined values and mission statement to your entire organization – always an occasion to celebrate.


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