The Big Picture: Exploring systemic changes 

Explore how today’s overarching trends become the systemic changes of the future – and what it means for your organization. 

What is the Big Picture Keynote? 

My Big Picture Keynote is a constantly evolving multimedia presentation designed to inspire and start a creative conversation at your next event. Topics center around emerging trends in the worlds of technology, culture, science, sustainability and beyond.

The length of the presentation is adjustable to your needs (usually 20 to 45 minutes, including Q&A and moderated discussion, if desired). 

Who is the Big Picture Keynote for? 

This keynote is the ideal way to get the creativity flowing at your next team event or board meeting. It is also a great choice for events involving your entire organization and/or network partners. 

How does the Big Picture Keynote work? 

I continually update the content of this keynote based on my non-stop trend research and hands-on work with organizations of all shapes and sizes.
Simply let me know your plans and I can adapt the format to meet your time restrictions and multimedia setup. 

Why the Big Picture Keynote? 

Every organization benefits from a fresh perspective on the big questions impacting the world around us. The ideas and future visions presented in the Big Picture Keynote bring the audience members along on a journey of discovery and invite them to consider how today’s trends directly impact their future – and how they can maintain an open, proactive mindset toward change. 

Tip: For an all-around amazing experience… 

Combine the Big Picture Keynote with my Future-proof Roadmap Workshop to broaden your outlook and gain a deeper understanding of your organization’s role in shaping its own future. The keynote sets an inspiring tone for a creative exchange of ideas, while the workshop helps you and your team formulate specific strategies for moving forward. 


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