Gain a fresh perspective and win new insights.


As a passionate public speaker and presenter, I design my keynote talks to take you and your team on a journey into the topics that are shaking up the world around us. In addition to enjoying fun, evocative storytelling, you’ll gain fresh perspectives that encourage you to discover new opportunities. 

Where do we go from here? 

What do changes in technology, sustainability and culture mean for you and your industry? For your organization and its future? I offer keynotes in 3 different formats, each designed to help you stay ahead of the latest developments and embrace the future with a sense of amazement. 


The Big Picture: Exploring systemic changes 

Get inspired with a fresh look at overarching developments that will shape the future. 


Industry Update: Envisioning your market’s future 

Gain a transformative look into changes specifically affecting your field and industry, helping your teams look beyond the present. 


Single-Topic Deep Dive: Tailored talks just for you 

Explore the topic of your choice in depth and find solutions for the real-life challenges impacting your team. 


Since 2009, stay amazed every day is helping organizations achieve better outcomes through proactive strategies that align with their values.
We help you engage with the changes going on all around you, so you can take an active role in shaping what comes next.


stay amazed every day
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